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A day in 1/2 the Life of Meaghan

Controlled Chaos: that sums up my daily life without my husband home. Sound crazy? Well it's just a perfectly fit description for our routines while the husband is away at the rig. Although I have a huge support system (grand parents and great grand parents are the BOMB) its still pretty nuts around here. My children are spaced apart by 5 years, which means the oldest is 10 years older than the youngest! I love the age gap, I really do. I love that big bro is so helpful with the toddler. I love that our middle child (the princess) will not be your typical middle child because she will have her own time to shine and uhhh she's a GIRL! Each of my babies are in quite different seasons of their lives. It is challenging balancing all the extra curricular actives, school stuff, one on one time, bed times and well just their emotional needs. But I get to focus on each of their individual seasons of childhood just as if it were my first child/only child. The age gap has my toddler and kindergartner up way past bed time to get the oldest to/from practice. That same age gap allows me to leave the big on his own at said practice therefore I have time to focus on his little sisters fun school work, or do fun bath times for the youngins. WE practically live out of my super big mom car with all the pick-ups/drop offs we have throughout the week. (Im spoiled and roll in a Yukon Denali XL, thanks hubby) Dinner is normally done before I leave for school pick up and we just roll with dinner early or late depending on how our afternoon/evening schedule looks. I also have my own photography gig I have to manage to sneak in this controlled chaos. Photography is MY thing. It makes me happy and gets my creativity flowing for myself that just happens to bring happiness to others! WIN, WIN! So during the spring (a non global pandemic spring) this is what our daily schedule can look like:

6:30- Coffee starts brewing and Aadon starts his morning (he moves like a sloth so he needs all the time he can get)

7:00- I get the littles up and start our morning routine (which normally consist of a breakdown or two)

7:30- we're scrambling to get out the door!!!

7:50/8:00ish- the bigs get dropped off at school

8:30- The baby and I roll back home and eat something not healthy for breakfast!!!

9:00ish/11:00ish- I try to be productive but end up hanging out with little man instead, he's super cute and awfully needy. I also start dinner in the crock pot or take out meat to be thawed

11:00/1:00ish- The baby naps and sometimes I do to!!! Naps are golden here.

2:00- The baby and I get some street clothes on. I pack Emeri's dance bag and the babies diaper bag. (we're going to be in the car for over an hour so milk, snacks and toys are a must) Out the door we go.

3:00- Pick up the princess.

3:15- Get the kiddos an after school snack and Emeri will change into her dance attire.

3:30- Run through the car wash across the street from the middle school.

3:45ish- Pick up Aadon from school.

4:00- Drop off Emeri for dance class.

4:30/5:30ish- Run home and feed the boys dinner. Aadon gets his homework done and then dresses for baseball practice/game.

5:45- Drop Aadon off for said baseball activity.

6:00- Pick up Emeri from dance.

6:15- Arrive at baseball event, help Emeri back into street clothes, give her dinner that I packed in tubberware.

6:15/8:00ish- Survive with a cranky toddler, tired Kindgergartener, and rush home

8:30/9;30ish- Get the kiddos home, feed them all one more time, and begin bath time routines.

9:45- Pray with the kiddos and put them all to bed

10:00- Pour glass of wine

We're a busy family whether we have our big man home with us or not! We truck along and get by!!!

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